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Hi Ed! Thank you! Simpler sentences are clearer.

32 min 51 sec ago
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Thank you, Ed! I am glad to see your assessment of my...

35 min 23 sec ago
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Thank you, Ed! I also have a dictionary on my smartphone...

1 hour 44 min ago
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Thank you, Faye!

1 hour 49 min ago
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Hi Oleks,

I have learnt something new again from...

Tuesday, September 29, 2020 - 19:31

Welcome To LINGORA

Learning Languages?

If you are, then make sure you come to Lingora’s native speaker community. Connect with native speakers and help those who are learning your native language...Read More

Features of Lingora

Chat instantly with native speakers
Want to chat with native speakers? Got an urgent question that cannot wait? Is it about the pronunciation of a certain word or a grammar point you are struggling with? Lingora’s live online chat interface allows you chat live with members of our native speaker community via text and voice messages. If you are a native speaker, you earn Lingorock points by chatting with learners of your native language. You earn these points each time you give them feedback on their pronunciation, intonation, accent and writing. If you are a language tutor looking to promote your services and gain new students, Lingora is the perfect place for you to do this
Connect with native speakers
Post voice messages and practice writing and speaking in the languages you learn. 100s of members of Lingora’s native speaker community will teach you how you can improve your pronunciation, learn and practice new vocabulary, grammar points and more. Receive personalised summary emails which remind you about the advice all the members of the community give you. Why just rely on the feedback of one teacher when you can get the knowledge of 100s?
Language learning podcast lessons
Lingora’s language podcast lessons help you gain a better understanding of the regional dialects in the languages you learn. Step one:  Listen to an English podcast in one regional accent: British English. Then listen to that same podcast in another two accents: American English and Australian English. Step two: Move on to the lessons’ vocabulary, pronunciation tests and grammar tests by completing quizzes.   Step three: You are given a task to do at the end. Dedicated, expert members from Lingora’s native speaker community will evaluate your task and let you know if you are ready to progress to the next level. Meet them below
Earn Lingorock points and spend them in the shop
Lingora’s online shop is full of resources aimed at enhancing your language learning experience. These include: private online and face-to-face lessons with expert members of our native speaker community, translation services, study abroad programs and homestays, courses and more…   Each time you help people who are learning your native language, you earn Lingorock points, which you can use to buy items in the shop. Why not get rewarded for being helpful?  
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Kealin, currently living and born in the United States, works in the medical field and has a passion for language learning. He is studying Spanish.
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Aliakbar Majidi
Ali is a certified and professional general and business English teacher with 6+ years of experience. He holds an M.A. in linguistics.
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Nana Maj
Nana is a native French speaker who lives in Canada. She is an experienced, teacher who builds personalised learning programs for her students.
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Becky is a dynamic Copywriter with a knack for imaginative content creation for our blog and a passion for travel. She has a BA in English Language
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Pedro Vazquez
Pedro has over 20 years teaching Spanish as a foreign language. He is a Spanish language writer and has taught at the BBC!
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Ros Watson
Ros specialises in teaching business English. She has a CELTA ceritifcate and also an Advanced TEFL certificate in teaching business English.
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Karin Brauner
Karin is an experienced native Spanish and English teacher with a CELTA ceritifcate. She would be delighted to help you with any questions you have
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Ed is a native English speaker from London. His passion is learning languages. Ed also loves helping people improve at speaking English. 
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Edmund Hutchings: Founding member of Lingora ,
5 Languages
Edmund is an English native speaker. He is learning French, Chinese, Spanish, German and Portuguese. He is a very active member in Lingora's native speaker community. He enjoys helping people improve at speaking and writing English.
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Yacine Massard: Founding member of Lingora and BlaBla Francais ,
6 Languages
Yacine is native French and English speaker. He is also learning many other languages and is a very active member in the Lingora community. He loves helping people improve at speaking and writing English and French.