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Another Guatemalan! I love it. I am also from Guate....

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Hi Jess,

I see you have a lot of people wanting...

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I'm from Guatemala too! Saludos desde...

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Hi Jess,

The way I work with my face-to-face...

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Wordplay, wortspiele, dajare, jeu do mots and more! Four cultural Father’s Day Dad jokes that will make you want to cringe, cry or crack up…

Father’s Day was this weekend. The day when Dad can put his feet up, blast music from his stereo and crack as many head-in-your-hands types of jokes as possible… and not have anyone complain about it. Sounding familiar? 

In our family, we’ve succumbed to withstanding the same joke on repeat uttered from my Dad. His favourite being: ‘I used to be a werewolf… but I’m alright *nOOoOwwww* – screeched in some sort of demented howl. 

3 increíble ways to meet native speakers and unleash your learning finesse

Us earthlings are social beings. And a bounteous bunch - a whopping 65% of us to be exact - are visual learners. That means yep. You guessed it. We learn best from seeing. While we’re all ears when it comes to getting to know new, modernistic methods for learning a foreign language, the relationship between you and earphones can be pretty one-sided. And for that matter, there isn’t a great deal of improvement on the relationship between you and your revision cards either.

What are the most common mistakes Lingora’s English language learners are making?

With Lingora, you are not just told by native speakers which mistakes you are making in the languages you learn.  You are also regularly reminded of the areas you need to work on in terms of your speaking and writing skills.  

Each week Lingora sends its members out a customised summary of all the corrections native speakers have provided them with on the site. Let’s look at an example of one here:

What’s the best way to improve our speaking and writing skills in the languages we learn?

Let’s get straight to the point.
•    Just like going to the gym
•    Just like learning how to play a musical instrument
•    Just like learning how to code
•    Just like learning any new skill….

it goes without saying that the very best way for us to dramatically improve our speaking and writing skills in the languages we learn is to simply PRACTICE, PRACTICE and PRACTICE.

Language learning: is it unfortunately becoming increasingly irrelevant?

Let me ask you a question: what’s the point in spending 100s of hours mastering the vocabulary, grammar, idiomatic expressions (and much more) learning a foreign language, when nowadays machine translation (such as Google Translate) can translate it instantly for you?

New Spanish lessons are now available on Lingora

Good news! smiley

If you’re learning Spanish or (you want to start learning it) Lingora now has lessons available for you to have a go at!

We’ve added three lessons in the Spanish language so far – one lesson is for beginners, the other for intermediate students and there’s also one for more advanced learners . We plan on adding many more.