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Friday, July 10, 2020 - 22:33
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Hi Ed! Thank you! I also often neglect reading aloud....

Friday, July 10, 2020 - 22:25

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3 delicious & digestible ways to learn a new language with foreign food

When was the last time you tried food from a foreign country? Maybe it was at an international food festival, or your favourite restaurant that specialises in authentic cuisine? 
In a recent survey, six out of ten adults said that they prefer more adventurous cuisine to typical and traditional British meals. 
Small plates of Spanish tapas, chopsticks for your Chinese chow mein, a platter of Greek meze or a saucy Spaghetti Bolognese all the way from Italy to name a few dishes that are popular here in the UK.

What makes the German Christmas markets sparkle?

Mince pies are being munched* in UK, KFC is being ordered in Japan and over in Germany, a goose is ready to be carved at the dinner table.
As Christmas is a time for sharing, gifts are being dressed up in ribbon, bows and wrapping paper, but they don’t just magically appear in a mist of snowflakes in our homes. Those dudes in pointy hats make them, then get their mate Santa and his flying reindeer to deliver them. Duhhhh.

How body language helps us to learn

We may be ‘speaking’ the same language, but are we ‘looking’ the same language?

Chat is the most common way that the 7.442 billion of us in the world communicate and it can be a handy way of improving our speaking and listening skills in our target language.

How many people speak English?

As a first language: 350 billion people

As a second language: 430 million people

Sing that idiom! Classroom karaoke with ABBA

Skating onto your Spotify with dancing queens, young and sweet only seventeen, the one and only ABBA are a fine and prime specimen of the most popular karaoke artists of all time. Amongst their lively lyrics that are worthy of a table dance or two, or your own resounding rendition at the top of your lungs*, are a whole bunch of idioms in our target language. From the release of their very first single back in 1974, the Swedish pop band are STLL selling a gobsmacking one million songs a year – (MmmmHMMM! My jaw dropped too.

Wordplay, wortspiele, dajare, jeu do mots and more! Four cultural Father’s Day Dad jokes that will make you want to cringe, cry or crack up…

This weekend was Father’s Day - the day when Dad can put his feet up, blast music from his stereo and crack as many terrible jokes as possible… and not have anyone complain about it. Sounding familiar? 

But let’s admit it. Sometimes we just can’t hold back a smile and to wave goodbye to Father’s Day for another year, we’ve listed our ‘Top 5 Dad puns across different cultures’ for you to enjoy and we invite you to share yours! 

1. French Language

Histoire de pomme de terre

3 increíble ways to meet native speakers and unleash your learning finesse

Us humans are social beings and a whopping 65% of us are visual learners. That means yep. You guessed it. We learn best from seeing and putting our skills to the test by meeting new people. We are all ears when it comes to getting to know new, modernistic methods for learning a foreign language, but constantly listening to audiobooks and YouTube tutorials can soon be become boring. Rather than filling out revision cards on repeat, we want to talk to REAL people and not just hide behind a screen.