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I think Ed well expanded the topic in his comment below...

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Thank you, Ed! You gave very good suggestions. "Easily...

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Thank you, Faye! I will think about it.

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Thank you, Ed! Your suggestion is very good. I hate...

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Two ways to use your leisure time for learning a language

Alright, admit it. We are all guilty of it - starting the New Year with the best intentions to learn about a new subject, play a new sport or stop eating chocolate, then failing miserably.

However, if you began your 2019 with your head buried in language learning books, a room full of revision cards and an inbox full of new language newsletter sign-ups - which you PROMISE you are going to read tomorrow - then you have probably overwhelmed yourself.

Je t’aime (that’s I love you in French)

‘Sexy’ accents. They’re a hot topic in more ways than one. What sends one person googly-eyed* and gaga*, may send another barking mad*.

Like the oozing chocolate fondue fountain that you might be sharing with your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day, are there any accents that make your heart melt? Personally, I don’t have a favourite accent. Or any that I particularly dislike for that matter. I j'adore the authenticity of different accents and dialects from region to region in the UK, and from country to country in the world. 

What to expect from your first month of Lingora lessons

So, you’ve found out about Lingora, written a bunch of texts, left a few audios and received some insightful feedback on your journey to becoming bilingual… what now?

If you’re thinking about signing up to one of our courses, but you’re not sure what to expect, here’s a sneak peek at what to expect in month one of your lessons.

Lingora values

At Lingora, we understand that:

Fresher’s Week International fancy dress themes that you’re guaranteed to see!

Freedom, friends and flyers for the SU parties; Fresher’s week is finally here! And fancy dress is a placing high on your list of priorities; that’s after the slew of shots, spirits and other merry beverages that you’ll find yourself quenching your thirst with throughout the week. And now, clutching your student card close following the guided campus tour, you’re checking out the nearest shops for cheap, cheerful and colour costumes. Trust me. When you stoop to paying for a £3 pizza with purely 2p coins, you’ll begin to see the value in EVERY bit of loose change. My advice?

National Read a Book Day

Bookworms and wordsmiths of the world, pick up your page-turners, or buy a new one, as today is National Read a Book Day! To help you on your language learning quest, we’ll be sharing handy hints from books that tap into what’s going on behind the scenes of your journey to fluency.

Twiddling your thumbs in an elevator? Or stuck in a queue? Berry Farber calls these “The Hidden Moments” and says we should taking advantage of them by reviewing something in our target language.

La rentrée – France’s fourth season

A new calendar of cultural events commences in France at this time of year, with no sign of the holiday blues as people return from the breaks away. In a phenomenon that the French like to call ‘la rentrée’, which happens every year at the end of September, new stock hits the shelves in the shops, stationary goes on sale for kids going back to school, new TV programmes splash onto screens and local libraries are brimming with book launches!


What are the most common mistakes Lingora’s English language learners are making?

With Lingora, you are not just told by native speakers which mistakes you are making in the languages you learn.  You are also regularly reminded of the areas you need to work on in terms of your speaking and writing skills.  

Each week Lingora sends its members out a customised summary of all the corrections native speakers have provided them with on the site. Let’s look at an example of one here:

What’s the best way to improve our speaking and writing skills in the languages we learn?

Let’s get straight to the point.
•    Just like going to the gym
•    Just like learning how to play a musical instrument
•    Just like learning how to code
•    Just like learning any new skill….

it goes without saying that the very best way for us to dramatically improve our speaking and writing skills in the languages we learn is to simply PRACTICE, PRACTICE and PRACTICE.