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I have just written a small text, somedody tell me my...

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I have just written a small text, somedody tell me my...

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Thank you for taking the time to fix my writing. There...

Thursday, September 20, 2018 - 09:15
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Hi!  I love your writing style and there are very few...

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Hola Cris

¿Cómo estás? es un placer poderle...

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Introducing myself

Trying to introduce myself and attempting to get English speaking friends

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CategoryAdequate to goodGood to ExcellentNeeds work

The learner's ability to pronounce words shared by the people of a particular country or region of the language they are learning.

Good effort at accent. Quite close to that of a native speaker
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Excellent effort at accent. Extremely close to that of a native speaker.
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Limited effort at accent. Definitely a non-native speaker
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The learner's ability to speak continuously by chunking and linking words together. For example, instead of saying very slowly, "I - am - poor. I - have - no - money" like a robot, a fluent speaker would say, "I'm poor because I don't have any money."

Speech is relatively smooth; some hesitation and unevenness caused by rephrasing and searching for words
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Smooth and fluid speech; few to no hesitations; no attempts to search for words; volume is excellent
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Speech is frequently hesitant with some sentences left uncompleted
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The learner's ability to understand the relative emphasis that may be given to certain syllables in a word, or to certain words in a phrase or sentence

Able to identify and produce correct intonation, word stress and rhythm patterns with 50-90% accuracy.
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Able to identify and produce correct intonation, word stress and rhythm patterns with 90-100% accuracy.
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Able to identify and produce correct intonation, word stress and rhythm patterns with < 50% accuracy
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The learners' ability to enunciate the various consonants, consonant blends, vowels, and vowel blends in words, words linked together, and words in sentences.

The pronunciation contained some individual word pronunciation errors. Around 3-4 errors
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The pronunciation is exceptional and mirrors a native speaker. Shows a clear understanding of word stress and intonation. Only 0-2 errors
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The pronunciation is inconsistent and made it difficult to understand. 5 or more errors
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I learn : English (Beginner) French (Beginner) Portuguese (Beginner) Spanish (Beginner) German (Beginner)

Hello Edgar, welcome to Lingora :)

I'mso impressed with your English. You speak fluently and clearly and have really good pronunciation. Your're completely right. The very best way to improve your speaking and writing skills in English is to make friends with native English speakers and interact with them as much as you possibly can.

I'm learning Spanish myself so would love to practice it with you. When do you normally have free time to practice? I'm normally free on Saturdays and Sundays.

Here are just a few things I think you need to work on from listening to your audio;

1. Your pronunciation of the word "intermediate" [in-ter-mee-dee-it] could do with being improved. Listen to me saying it a few times.

2. "I don't think I will have any problems by speaking to you in English" You don't need the preposition "by" in this instance. "I don't thing I will have any problems speaking to you in English"


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I learn : Italian (Beginner) French (Beginner)

Hi Edgar.

Really good audio.  It's generally really clear - just occasionally your voice drops at the end of a word and this makes it more difficult to understand.  Also words like "everyone" and "another" need to be carefully enunciated.  However, you are very fluent and your intonation and stress is very natural so well done.   

Unfortunately, I am trying to learn Italian and I know that learning Spanish would only confuse me; otherwise I would be very glad to practise with you!

Warm regards




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I learn : French (Beginner)

Another Guatemalan! I love it. I am also from Guate.

This was great! You sound confident when you speak in English. I think you just need to keep practicing and tweaking your pronunciation.

I am recording the words I think you might need to practice. 



stuffs --> stuff is already plural







This might be a better sentence:

many people are really good with you - many people here are kind and welcoming with others

Saludos desde England!

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I learn : Spanish (Beginner)

Hi Edgar! Thanks for this, extremely fluent and clear!

Other than the above corrections, I would just watch out for your pronunciation of 'friend' which you say as 'frien.' Ensure you pronounce every letter, which is 'd' in this case, and don't tail off at the end.


Becky :)

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I learn : English (Advanced)

Hi Guys!!! I really appreciate all your corrections. I'm Glad to know that there are people who can help me. If someone needs help with Spanish it would be a pleasure for me to help and correct.
Thanks.. see you ..

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