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3 increíble ways to meet native speakers and unleash your learning finesse

Us earthlings are social beings. And a bounteous bunch - a whopping 65% of us to be exact - are visual learners. That means yep. You guessed it. We learn best from seeing. While we’re all ears when it comes to getting to know new, modernistic methods for learning a foreign language, the relationship between you and earphones can be pretty one-sided. And for that matter, there isn’t a great deal of improvement on the relationship between you and your revision cards either.

Luckily for you, the world is a wunderbar – wonderful in German; seeeeee… you’re learning already! –  place full of people, and many of those people are looking to improve their English. Soooo… in the words of King Louie, you wanna talk like them and they wanna talk like you. Who better to learn from than one another? Makes sense, right? Our favourite Disney orangutan was onto something…

Here are three increíble ways to improve your speaking and writing skills by connecting, convening and conversating with native speakers; with some highlighted words thrown in to learn along the way…


If you’re naturally a social butterfly, spreading your wings to meet-up, mix and mingle with others may seem like the most obvious and mejor way to learn a new language. Or do you liken yourself to the caterpillar; somewhat more cocooned, yet eager to get to grips with your target language? Emerging from your comfort zone could be the key for unlocking and unleashing your full finesse!

Run a search on language and culture on meet-up or Conversation Exchange, platforms which let you find a language exchange group in your local area. You may just become buds with a native speaker!

Asking friends, family members or mates at work if they know anyone to acquaint you with may be worth a shot too.


The beauty of the web is that it’s extensively widespread. In addition to meet-up, there are a zillion other platforms, chatrooms and apps available to download, and for free too!

Start peppering your pals circle by writing to and learning from people all over the world by joining Global Pen Friends, PenPal World, Interpals or Pen Pals Now. Pen Pal World features over 2,000,000 pen pals from every country on the planet; although it may be a while before you’re writing to folk from Mars. That would be alien... Explore more options for Pen Pal websites here.

If what you Señores and Señoritas seek is Spanish, tapping into Lingora could be your ticket to triumph! You can also meet, mix and make friends with a multicultural community by homing in on saying ‘HI!’ to humanoids through HelloTalk, WeSpeke and GoSpeak is another resource, tailored specifically for learning English.

Hibbidy-hobbyly – (you won’t be able to translate this one – just my gibberish!)
Got the verve to go vamoose? If travelling is one of your hibbidy hobbies, welcome with open arms any opportunity to globe-trot!

Keep an eye on cheap last-minute deals and fliege away to the stomping ground of your target language. No trusty companion by your side? All is not lost! Check out sites like Couchsurfing to link up with like-minded and cheery chums for a chatter on your lollapalooza.

Search for a stay on Lingoo, with types of stays including adult and family groups, host families, teachers and more.

Without sounding too much like your mother… just stay safe!