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Friday, July 10, 2020 - 22:33
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Hi Ed! Thank you! I also often neglect reading aloud....

Friday, July 10, 2020 - 22:25

Fresher’s Week International fancy dress themes that you’re guaranteed to see!

Freedom, friends and flyers for the SU parties; Fresher’s week is finally here! And fancy dress is a placing high on your list of priorities; that’s after the slew of shots, spirits and other merry beverages that you’ll find yourself quenching your thirst with throughout the week. And now, clutching your student card close following the guided campus tour, you’re checking out the nearest shops for cheap, cheerful and colour costumes. Trust me. When you stoop to paying for a £3 pizza with purely 2p coins, you’ll begin to see the value in EVERY bit of loose change. My advice? See a penny, pick it up! At uni, we could all use a little luck.
Here are 5 themed bargain fancy dress outfits from around that world that you’re guaranteed to see this week…



Who: Tiki girls and boys

Tiki islands and flower garlands, team palm trees, hula skirts or floral shirts with a tropical Mai Tai cocktail or coconut Mojito and ALOHA (HELLO) – forget your halls of residence, you and your flatmates will practically be holidaying in Hawaii! Throw in an inflatable flamingo and some funky glasses and you’ll certainly get my vote!




Who: Mario and Luigi

Stick-on a fake moustache, or slap a giant slug above the upper lip and accentuate a pot belly with a pillow through denim dungarees, Mario and Luigi are a popular plumber double act for Fresher’s Week - bet you that you see at least five pairs of them this week…



Hola amigos (hello friends!), pull on your party poncho, slam on your straw sombero and shake the night away - rather to cheesy tunes than Latin music though, unless you’re considering signing up to Salsa society. Your multi-purpose moustache will mould you from Mario and Luigi, into Mexican bandit, musician or crackers for maracas player. Steady on the tequila slammers though… 



My personal favourite thing about Greece is those little cubes of cheesy goodness that you find in between the olives. Any excuse for a toga party, one of the oldest party theme traditions, and all it takes is a sheet soaked in bleach, golden wreath and a pair of sandals. Not a real golden wreath. Dig out an old headband or invest in a cheap bandana and be inventive!



Searching for that bobble-hatted Wally chap in an eye-boggling blunder of bobble hats became somewhat of a pastime amongst us British bambinos, so dressing up as the man himself - but this time with beer pong! - is a brilliant bit of nostalgia! Pop out the lenses of 3D cinema glasses if you don’t wanna splash the cash.