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Hi Ed! Thank you! I also often neglect reading aloud....

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What to expect from your first month of Lingora lessons

So, you’ve found out about Lingora, written a bunch of texts, left a few audios and received some insightful feedback on your journey to becoming bilingual… what now?

If you’re thinking about signing up to one of our courses, but you’re not sure what to expect, here’s a sneak peek at what to expect in month one of your lessons.

Lingora values

At Lingora, we understand that:

  • Everyone’s knowledge-base is going to be different
  • People learn in different ways
  • Everyone learns at a different pace

Each dedicated member of the Lingora team has a specialised area of expertise and has the knowledge and teaching experience to guide and support you in improving your understanding of the target language. You can find out more about our experts here.

We've outlined the 3 main stages of learning below - whether you’d class yourself as a beginner, you’d say you’re at the half way point of language learning, or you’d class yourself as a fluent speaker, we can tailor learning plans for you.

1. Beginner: The language is completely new to you

If you’re completely new to a language, recognising where you need to start in the learning process can be somewhat overwhelming. Just like with anything new, you’ll need to build familiarity with it before you feel comfortable and confident with starting to use it.

2. Half way point/intermediate: You’re just starting to become familiar with a language

If you feel like you’re off to a good start but need some support with how to remember and keep track of everything that you’ve covered so far, we’ll introduce you to some tools and methods for how to do so.

3. Fluent: You’re fluent and not sure what to do next

If you’ve reached the stage of fluency in your new language and would just like some tips on how to improve and enhance your vocabulary further, or how to use language more creatively, we will be on hand to help.   

What will you cover in your first month (Lessons 1 – 4)

Your lessons will be one hour, once a week over 4 weeks, or possibly 6/8 weeks, depending on your availability for these sessions.

What you learn of course will depend on which specific areas your tutors think you need to develop.

Recognising your own strengths and areas for development in a language that you trying to master isn’t exactly easy and we’re here to work on that with you.
Here’s a run-down on what’s included in lessons 1 – 4:

-    Lesson 1: You’ll need to ‘virtually’ meet your tutor, so we’ll set up a conversation between you both on Skype/Google Hangouts, or another platform which suits you both. Your tutor will provide some feedback by identifying your strengths and areas for improvement, then finally, follow-up by sending you a tailored learning plan with exercises and objectives

-    Lesson two: You’ll need to prepare this time by doing the work that’s been set. You’ll receive in-depth feedback on your work, your strengths and areas for development

-    Lesson three: As well as receiving feedback on set tasks, you’ll also have the chance to practise and explore areas of your choice within your language in more detail

-    Lesson four: You’ve reached the end of your first month of lessons, woohoo! Now, it’s time to reflect on, evaluate and celebrate your progress. Your tutor will also talk you through the next steps of how to become bilingual

Need to check something with a tutor between lessons? Our tutors will also be able to promptly answer your questions if you send them a message or email. If you feel it would be more efficient to discuss this face-to-face, you’d have the option to set up another video call.

Got a question?

Feel free to drop Edmund an email on:

We’d be delighted to speak with you.