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Add Audio & Add Text:


Q: How long should my audios & texts be?

A: You can make your audios and texts as long or as short as you want. We recommend your audios should be between 1-4 minutes long. Your texts should be between 100-500 words long.

Q: Am I always guaranteed good, comprehensive feedback on my audios and texts?
A: As Lingora is a 100% free community, no one has an obligation to evaluate your speaking or writing skills, so unfortunately feedback is not guaranteed. To maximise your chances of receiving feedback from native speakers, we recommend you spend time helping those who are learning your native language.

Q: If I do get feedback each time I add an audio or a text, how am I supposed to remember it?

A: Each week, Lingora will send you a weekly summary email of all the corrections and advice you have received from native speakers for each of the audios and texts you have published on the site. In the email, you will also receive custom tasks to do. These aim to get you practicing those areas you might be struggling with.

Let’s take an example:  you are learning French and are struggling with the past tense. Lingora will recognise this and send you customised tasks to do work on improving your grasp of the past tense.

Q:When I add an audio or a text, I can see there are categories: Food and Drink, Music, Transport, Travel, Clothes, Activities & Sports, Jobs & Work Animals & Nature. For each category there are different questions. What if I want to talk or write about something different? Something that is not related to any of the categories?

A: Of course you can talk or write about something different. Lingora gives you the complete freedom to write or talk about whatever you want when you publish a text or an audio. The categories (and questions linked to them) are there if you would like some guidance about what to talk or write about.

Q: If I am adding an audio, why is there a description field?

A: This field is not compulsory and is there only if you want to write a few comments about your audio. You can leave it blank if you want.

Q: I tried to add an audio using Lingora’s media recorder and it would not work. Why? 

A:Unfortunately, at the moment, Lingora’s media recorder only works on the following browsers:
Chrome (version 49+),  Firefox (version 25+)  Opera (version 18+), Chrome for Android (version 40+)
Firefox for Android (version 33+) Opera Mobile (version 24+) Microsoft Edge (IE).


If you are using an browser or an operating system which is not in the above list, the media recorder will simply not work. Instead, you will have to record you audio another way, save it on your device and upload it to Lingora.

We recommend the following: (if you use an iPhone or an iPad)


Lingorock points and the virtual shop:

Q: What rewards do I get for helping people who learn my native language?


  • Each time you, post a comment to help someone learning your native language, you earn 5 Lingorocks:

  • Each time you correct someone learning your native language in the live chat panel, you earn 1 Lingorock. (This is only applicable to Core Evaluators.)

Each time someone rates your comment based on how helpful it is to them, you earn Lingorocks.

  • If your comment is rated 1/5, you earn 1 Lingorock

  • If your comment is rated 2/5, you earn 2 Lingorocks

  • If your comment is rated 3/5, you earn 3 Lingorocks

  • If your comment is rated 4/5, you earn 4 Lingorocks

  • If your comment is rated 5/5, you earn 5 Lingorocks


Q: What rewards to I get for regularly practicing my speaking and writing skills in the languages I learn on Lingora?

  • Each time you add an audio in a language you’re learning, you earn 20 Lingorocks

  • Each time you add a text in a language you’re learning, you earn 20 Lingorocks

  • Each time you successfully complete a lesson in a language you’re learning, you earn 30 Lingorocks

(important note: lessons are currently only available in English but we are planning to add lessons many more languages soon, so watch this space.)


Q: How can I see how many Lingorocks other members have?


When you sign up to Lingora, you’ll see that the amount of Lingorocks each member has is displayed on:

  • Each of their comments.

  • Each of the audios and texts they add.

  • Their Profile page.

If you open the menu in the top-right hand corner of the application, you will see that there is a leader-board. This shows our members with the most Lingorocks on a weekly, monthly and all-time basis. Members with the most Lingorocks earn additional prizes and rewards.


Q: What can I do with the Lingorocks I earn?

A: If you have a certain amount of Lingorocks, you can use them to earn discounts on all our products and services in our virtual shop.

Got 100-500 Lingorocks

You earn a 5% discount

Got 501-1000 Lingorocks

You earn a 10% discount

Got 1001-2000 Lingorocks

You earn a 20% discount.


Q: Ok, well what kinds of products and services are in Lingora’s shop. How will they help me improve at the languages I learn?

A: There are many different types of high value products and services in Lingora’s shop. All of them are designed to enhance your language learning journey. These include:

  • Private one-on-one lessons via Skype with our expert, experienced language tutors

  • Face-to-Face lessons with our expert, experienced language tutors

  • Homestays with native speakers of the languages you learn.

  • Essay & dissertation proofreading services.

  • Numerous Resources to help you gain a detailed understanding of the languages you learn.

We highly recommend you either sign up or login and explore what we offer in the virtual shop. You will be able to read in much more detail about each service and product we have.

 Q: How secure is payment?

 A: We use the highest methods of payment security. Please take a look at this document for more detailed information.


Q: What if I’m not happy with the product or service I purchase and its’ not what I expected?

A: If the product or service you purchase does not live up to your expectations, you can request a full, no-questions-asked refund within 15 days of purchasing it. Please see our terms and conditions for more information.



Q: Which languages are lessons currently available in?

A: lessons are currently only available for learners of the English language. As mentioned, we plan to add many more languages in the future. So watch this space…

Q: I’m a beginner. Will the lessons be too difficult for me?

A: We currently have lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners of the English language. If you login or sign up, you will see that you can click on the lesson language and the lesson level.


Q; Are lessons 100% free of charge:

A: Yes!

Q: How do lessons work?

A: Lingora’s podcast lessons were created to help you learn about the different regional dialects and accents in the languages you learn. They are based on funny, humorous real-life situations. Let’s go over how they work:


  1. You start by listening to a dialogue in the first regional accent of the language you’re learning.

  2. Next, you listen to the same dialogue in the second regional accent of that language.

  3. Then, you finally listen to that same dialogue in the third regional accent of that language. If you do not understand any of the vocabulary or phrases the characters use, there is a full transcription of the dialogue along with explanations of each phrase.

  4. After that, you are tested on what you have learnt. You are given questions (in a quizz) to answer before you move to the final stage of it.

  5. In the final stage, you are given a task to do. The task will be a creative one, which tests your speaking and writing skills. For example, if you have been listening to a dialogue about summer holidays your task might be to write and speak about a time when you went on a summer holiday.

Q: Ok, well what happens once I’ve submitted my task?

A: When you submit your task, it is sent to the core evaluators of the language(s) you’re learning. They will carefully evaluate your written and spoken communication skills and decide if you are ready to unlock the next level.

Q: What do I need to do to unlock the next level?

A: To progress to the next lesson, you need three or more core evaluators to pass your lesson task.

Q: How will I know if I’ve passed the lesson?

A: Each time a core evaluator provides you with feedback on your lesson task, you will receive a notification (both via email and in Lingora). You can access the summary page at any time to see a list of the evaluations you have received from each of the core evaluators.

Q: What if I don’t pass the lesson? How will I know what I need to do better in my next attempt?

A: Each core evaluator will always provide you with a clear, detailed analysis about what you’re excelling at in the language you’re taking the lesson in and what you need to work on. Let’s take an example: a core evaluator might fail your lesson task if there are lots of spelling and punctuation mistakes.  He/she will always give you clear guidance on exactly what you need to do to pass the lesson. So you can have another go at it, confident that you know exactly what you need to practice.

Q: Am I guaranteed feedback from the core evaluators immediately after submitting my lesson task?

A: Core evaluators are given 24 hours to pass or fail your lesson. Yes, you are guaranteed feedback within this time.

Q: Who are the core evaluators?

A: Information about core evaluators is displayed on the homepage. You can click on their profiles’ too to learn more about them.
Q: How am I supposed to remember all the feedback I get from the lessons I take?

A: Each week, Lingora will send you a weekly summary email. This contains all the feedback and advice native speakers of the languages(s) you learn provide you with from the moment you join the site. We highly recommend you spend at least 20 minutes a week reviewing this email.


Online Messaging on Lingora:

Q: How does the chat feature work:

A: If you are on Lingora and you see that a native speaker of the language you’re learning is online, why not start up a conversation? You’ll make lots of progress by getting highly valuable feedback.
Q: Ok, so what if I want the native speaker to help me with my pronunciation of a certain word or my accent? Can I send them an audio message? Can I start a live video call with them too?

A: You can certainly send audio messages by uploading them or using Lingora’s media recorder to record them. If you do use Lingora’s media recorder please remember the following.
Unfortunately live video calls are not currently available. However this is something we are planning, so stay tuned!

Q: What if I’m a native speaker and a learner of my native language starts chatting to me. What do I get in return for helping them? Also, what do these cross and tick buttons do?

A: If you're a core evaluator, you’ll see that each time a learner sends you a message there are two buttons: a green tick and a cross button. If the learners’ message is correct, you should press the green tick button to let them know this. If there is a mistake in the message, you should press the cross button to let the learner know that what they have said or written is not correct.
Of course after you should tell them the correct way. Each time you press this cross button for each message the learner sends you, you get 1 Lingorock point. So this counts towards your overall Lingorok points. Remember what you can do with them and how valuable they are!

 Q: What if someone starts chatting to me, then I have to go offline? When I go back online will I be able to continue the chat.

A: Yes, of course!

Q: Are all my chats private?

A: No. When you go to the main page (by clicking the chat now button) you will see that all chats are made public. This is for the benefit of all the site’s members. For example: you might be learning English and struggling to grasp the meaning of a certain phrase and when to use it. If you view a chat where someone else who is also learning English asks the same question to a native English speaker in the chat panel, you can view the chat and learn from it!

Q: Can I make a chat private if I want to?

A: No. Lingora's aim is not to be a private messaging platform.



Becoming a core evaluator or a tutor on Lingora:

Q: I'm a freelance language tutor and I would love to help all the members on Lingora with their Language tasks. I would also like to give them private one-on-one tuition if they request it. How do I go about it?

A: We are always looking for core evaluators and language tutors. If you’re interested in becoming one,please contact: . We’ll get back to you within 12 hours.